What is coaching?

Coaching facilitates an effective route of self-knowledge, personal and professional transformation, completed in partnership with the coach, in order to value all individual, personal ans professional potential, generating essential positive changes.

Coaching is training for performance, all the more necessary in the context of organizational management.

Types of coaching

CONCORDIA Academia offers coaching services as

  • Individual coaching

    (duration: 60 minutes)

  • Team/group coaching

    (duration: 90 minutes, for groups/teams of 6-10 people)

Coaching sessions can be conducted online or in person, depending on the specific needs of the client.

CONCORDIA Academia coaches

CONCORDIA Academia coaches have a long experience in social services.

Irina Adăsdcăliței

Organizational psychologist, psychotherapist trained in psycho-traumatology, professional coach. After 20 years of experience in HR, development and organizational management, both in "for-profit" and "non-for-profit", she believes that " Performance in the social field is defined by the quality of the intervention and the work ethic. We can't expect performance if we don't invest in the people from whom we demand it. The most sustainable investment is in development and learning. And I've learned from my own team that a quality development makes the difference."

Bianca Buzetto

With over 20 years of activity in the social field, Bianca followed, starting in 2018, the basic training in systemic coaching, benefiting from the experience of renowned coaches such as Alain Cardon (Metasysteme Coaching). In 2020, she deepened his training in the field at the Coach Companion coaching school (Cluj), obtaining the certificate of Professional Coach with Diploma in March 2021. Bianca has an analytical mind and likes to say that she is an empathetic person who is not afraid of challenges.

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